Origami: Automating workflows and enhancing remote collaboration for Prime Video’s ‘My Lady Jane’

Tom Mitchell
My Lady Jane from Prime Video

The Show - My Lady Jane

Launching on the 27th June, My Lady Jane is an irreverent historical comedy series from Prime Video.

Starring Emily Bader, Edward Bluemel and Jordan Peters and produced by Parkes & MacDonald, the series has been adapted by Gemma Burgess from a series of novels that provide a historical reimagining of the life of Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen of England in the 16th century. The series blends action, romance, magic and adventure with a feisty, sharp-tongued dialogue.

The show is set in a fictional version of Tudor England where people can shape-shift into animals!

This premise required a lot of VFX work to create realistic and convincing animal transformations and recreate the historical settings and costumes.

My Lady Jane video with Will Steer 1st Assistant Editor

The Challenges

The production team of My Lady Jane faced many of the challenges that productions face during the post-production process, including:

  • managing large amounts of data and complex VXF requirements
  • fostering collaboration across an evolving team of vendors, platforms working remotely in multiple locations
  • various camera formats to capture the different scenes and angles including RED, ARRI, DJI, Marshall, iPhone, Phantom and GoPro
  • the need to consistently deliver high-quality results within stringent deadlines

They needed a solution that enabled efficient, secure, and creative workflows without compromising quality or performance.

One of the most notable challenges of this project was the need to seamlessly transition from working with one vendor to another as the production schedule evolved.

With the help of Origami, the production team demonstrated remarkable adaptability by managing these changes in-house, all while onboarding an external Online Editor!

The Solution – Origami

Origami is a cloud-based platform with tools designed to make your work flow.

Built on the philosophy that creativity should fuel technology, Origami reduces the technical constraints for feature film and TV drama so you can focus on what’s important.

Automated Pulls

One of the tools on the Origami platform is Phoenix, which brings fast, surprisingly simple pulls to productions of any size. Phoenix is built to run anywhere and can be scaled to meet demand for maximum flexibility.

Phoenix enabled the team to access, transfer, and back up their data quickly, easily and securely, regardless of where they worked or what platform they used. Phoenix also offered a range of features and options to customise and optimise the data management process, such as compression, encryption, deduplication, and metadata extraction.

Phoenix allowed the team to pull only the needed data, when required, without wasting time or bandwidth. It also ensured that the data was always up to date and consistent across all devices and platforms, eliminating the risk of errors or conflicts. It supported the various formats and resolutions involved, such as EXR, RAW, and DPX, giving the team the required flexibility and quality.

Enhancing remote collaboration across a changing team

With vendors changing thoughout the life of the project, the control and access management, visibility and insight that Origami offered, along with the inbuilt automation significantly helped the team’s ability to pivot and innovate.

The dashboard enabled the production team to stay abreast of the project’s shifting requirements and meet the ever-changing demands of this complex post-production process.

Origami Phoenix’s adaptive nature seamlessly handled the data transfers and collaboration needs, allowing the team to focus on the creative and logistical aspects without being bogged down by technical hurdles.

The platform’s ease of use and intuitive interface made it accessible to internal and external teams, ensuring everyone was on the same page and could contribute effectively.
What the Production Team Say

The production team of My Lady Jane was delighted with the results and performance of Origami Phoenix. They reported that Origami saved them time, money, and hassle while enhancing their creativity and productivity.

They also praised Origami's customer service and support, which was always responsive, helpful, and friendly.

Will Steer, 1st Assistant Editor said, “The way Origami works is quite intuitive. With Origami the pulls obviously just happen automatically. There is no waiting around. The good thing is that it works with whatever system of storage, cloud or on-premises.”
Will Steer, 1st Assistant Editor of My Lady Jane

Will Steer, 1st Assistant Editor of My Lady Jane

VFX Editor, Chris Lloyd said, “I was used to the traditional way of sending an EDL and waiting several days for the material to be distributed. I’m amazed at how easy Origami is to use and how quickly the material is pulled. I’ll definitely use Origami again.”

If you would like to learn more about Origami and how it can benefit your production, request a demo or contact us at info@origamiplatform.io.