Bringing fast, surprisingly simple pulls to productions of any size, Phoenix is the first tool on the Origami Platform.

What is Origami?

Origami is a cloud-based platform with tools designed to make your work, flow.

Built on the philosophy that creativity should fuel technology, the Origami Platform is made to reduce technical constraints for feature film and TV drama so you can focus on what’s important.

What is Phoenix?

Phoenix is the first tool built on the Origami Platform.

It’s a fully managed hybrid pulls solution that automates the delivery of pulls to any vendor, anytime, anywhere.

VFX pulls as easy as 1, 2, 3

1. Setup the project Our team will work with you to determine the deliverables you need and from there, supervisors on your project can manage the users and vendors. 2. Submit your jobs Submitting a pull is as simple as uploading an EDL and selecting the vendors who need the material, Phoenix validates the EDL before you confirm the pull. Provide a proxy file too, and our team will verify it by eye. 3. Phoenix handles the rest Phoenix takes it from there, updating your team every step of the way as it conforms, processes and delivers the shots to the required formats based on pre-determined specs.
EXREXREDLAWSOn PremAzureS3DriveLTOVendor 1Vendor 2

Why Origami Phoenix?


Behind it’s clean, modern and easy to use interface, Phoenix is packed with all the latest technologies under the hood, including ACES, HDR, OpentimelineIO, extended embedded metadata and much more.


Send your pull order and watch it happen. Whether you’re storing your master material on drives, LTO, S3 or a mixture of them all, Origami seamlessly conforms with them all.


Phoenix runs on-prem, hybrid or in the cloud. Your workflow, your choice. We can deploy to a region near you on AWS with automated deployment, and Azure support is coming in Q2.

Ready to work anywhere

Origami Phoenix is built to run anywhere and can be scaled to meet demand for maximum flexibility.

On Prem

Hosted securely at Mission


Integrate with your S3 backup


Coming soon


Submit pulls in seconds

New pull orders can be submitted with just a few clicks.

Supports all major formats

All cinematic input sources supported, including Arri, RED, and Sony. Linear EXR or DPX outputs with full image metadata.

Real-time updates & statistics

Keep on top of your project with at-a-glance statistics and live updates via platform UI and emails.

Host anywhere

Origami Phoenix can be spun up on-prem or on AWS in any region, with Azure support coming soon.

Your OCN, your way

We pull OCN from drive, LTO, or Amazon S3 so you have the flexibility to store your rushes anywhere.

Secure and safe

2FA required and industry standard security protocols across the app, so you can rest assured your material is safe.


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