How Origami Phoenix is Shaping the Future of Film Production with Movie Labs 2030 Vision

Tom Mitchell
Movie labs 2030 vision with origami cloud workflow

If you work in post-production, you've probably heard of Movie Labs, the research and development joint venture of the major Hollywood studios that have recently launched an ambitious initiative called "The 2030 Vision". This outlines a roadmap for the next decade of film production, distribution and consumption.

The 2030 Vision is based on 10 guiding principles that aim to transform the industry with cloud-based workflows, automation, artificial intelligence and immersive technologies.

But how can these principles be implemented in practice? How can film-makers and post-production companies adapt to the changing landscape, and embrace the opportunities and challenges that the 2030 Vision presents? And what role does Origami Phoenix play in this process?

Origami Phoenix and the 2030 Vision

Origami Phoenix is a SAAS-based tool on the Origami platform that enables seamless collaboration and integration across the production pipeline, starting with VFX & DI pulls. Origami Phoenix is designed to support the 2030 Vision by providing a cloud-native, scalable and secure environment for content creation, management and delivery.

The platform allows film-makers and post-production companies to:

  • Access and share assets and metadata across different locations
  • Automate and optimise workflows and processes
  • Deliver and distribute content to multiple platforms and formats
  • Monitor and analyse performance and feedback with data-driven insights
"Origami Phoenix is not just a platform, but a partner that helps you navigate the transition to the 2030 Vision"
Automated Vfx pulls sas dashboard from Origami Phoenix

Phoenix is offering:

  • A flexible and modular architecture that can be customised to your specific needs and preferences
  • A user-friendly and intuitive interface that simplifies complex tasks and workflows
  • A transparent and fair pricing model that scales with your usage and budget
  • A dedicated and experienced team that provides support, training and consultancy
  • A vibrant and collaborative community that fosters innovation, learning and networking

If you want to learn more about Origami Phoenix and how it can help you achieve your creative vision, visit our website in the comments below or contact us for a free demo.

The 2030 Vision is not just a vision, but a reality that is already unfolding! Origami Phoenix is here to help you shape the future of film production with Movie Labs. Join us today and be part of the revolution!

What do you think about the 2030 Vision and how it will impact your work? Share your thoughts in the comments below!