From Manual to Magical: Residence Pictures' Experience with Origami Phoenix

Tom Mitchell
Resident Pictures DI colour post production facility

Following several months of hard work on a multitude of projects, it's a real pleasure to see productions that have utilised Origami Phoenix being released to audiences and to be able to discuss the experience of using the platform with the teams behind the scenes.

Designed to enable seamless collaboration and integration across the production pipeline, Origami Phoenix is an automated SAAS-based tool that delivers VFX & DI pulls quickly and accurately.

We caught up with Julian Nelson, Head of Post & Co-Founder of Residence Pictures, following his first use of Origami Phoenix to discover how our automated system streamlined their process. He had the below to say about his experience

Introduction to Residence Pictures

Residence Pictures is a specialist picture finishing facility for both high-end features and episodics, offering a wide range of services from Workflow Consultancy all the way through to Delivery.

We’re known for our work on a wide range of fantastic projects such as The Killing Kind, The Gallows Pole and, most recently, the final series of the popular BBC 1 series Ghosts. It was this project that served as Residence Pictures' first use of the Origami Phoenix platform.

Origami Phoenix: A Game-Changing Solution

Prior to using Origami Phoenix, we were manually pulling VFX shots, which can be time-consuming and error-prone. Origami Phoenix allowed us to automate this process, saving time and reducing the risk of errors.

Compared to other VFX-pulling platforms on the market, we’ve found that Origami Phoenix is unique in that it is vendor-agnostic. This means that it can be used by any post-production company as their own service, which gave us a lot of flexibility.

Working with the Origami Platform team has been a positive experience. They have been very responsive to our needs and have provided excellent support throughout the implementation process. We’ve also received positive feedback from our staff since implementing Origami Phoenix. They appreciate how it streamlined our workflow and made their jobs easier.

Exploring Cloud-Based Workflows

Although our data was stored at the Origami HQ in Shepperton Studios, the platform has since developed the capability to integrate cloud-based solutions.

"This means that users of Origami Phoenix can use their existing storage infrastructure whilst still taking advantage of the benefits of a cloud-based workflow - this opens up an interesting discussion on how the cloud will influence the future of post-production. The use of cloud-based tools like Origami Phoenix has the potential to change the post-production industry by making it easier for companies, like Residence Pictures, to manage their workflow and collaborate with clients remotely"
Mission Digital DI colour post production room with a da vinci resolve setup

We see a lot of potential for future developments in cloud-based post-production tools like Origami Phoenix, especially as more companies move towards remote work environments

Implementing Origami Phoenix: Best Practices

"If you’re considering using Origami Phoenix for your post-production needs, my advice would be to start small and gradually scale up as you become more comfortable with the platform. It’s also important to take advantage of the support resources provided by the Origami Platform team to ensure a smooth implementation process."

The integration of Origami Phoenix into Residence Pictures' workflow on Ghost Series 5 undeniably created a positive change to their post-production processes.

As companies navigate the constantly evolving landscape of post-production and visual effects, Nelson's experience with implementing Origami Phoenix serves as a valuable example of how automation can greatly improve things. Gradually scaling up, coupled with leveraging the support resources provided by the Origami team, ensures a seamless transition and maximises the benefits of the platform.

If you're intrigued by the possibilities the platform holds for your workflow, get in touch with the team today to embark on a journey towards streamlined processes and enhanced collaboration. We're ready to guide you through the process, offering valuable insights and support as you explore the capabilities of Origami Phoenix for your post-production needs.